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SIP SMARTER, Upgrade Your Protein Powder

Ditch protein powders that expose you to foods like whey, soy, eggs and sugar that can cause inflammation and weight gain and treat your body to clean lean protein that delivers powerful nutrition and delicious flavor. 


Powerful differentiating factors about these delicious protein powders:


Plant-based or Paleo-Inspired options are available in creamy vanilla or rich chocolate flavors that are sure to delight.


Only 2 grams of sugar from the fruit & vegetable blends, healthy fats and fiber, plus 20-22 grams of protein keeps blood sugar steady.  


Forget the grit and enjoy creamy, smooth shakes that customers frequently refer to as "just like a milkshake".


The MCTs (Medium Chain Trigycerides) provide fast fuel for the brain due to their ability to convert to ketones quickly. 


Swapping typical carb- and sugar-filled breakfasts with high quality protein, healhty fats and fiber helps manage weight and overall health.


JJ Virgin wrote the best selling book on food intolerance, so she designed these protein powders to avoid all 7 high food intolerance foods. 

“I’ve gone from 163.5 lbs to 128.0 lbs using JJ Virgin’s shakes and diet – the weight loss is great – but the best part is that I actually FEEL really good. I’m sleeping better, my bones and muscles don’t ache, I have energy like I haven’t in years, and my hair is no longer coming out in clumps” 

Brandy Burke - Customer Service Consultant

Don't Wait. Get your 30 day supply while supplies last. 

Our family owned facility runs small batches, testing ingredients through a trusted 3rd party lab for quality and efficiency. Due to these high standards and time-intensive methods that ensure quality, we do sell out of these protein powders.  

Save Money, Time & Your Health

The price of a latte and muffin is about $10. The cost is your health. Why not trade all that sugar, dairy, gluten, eggs and high fructose corn syrup for an All-In-One protein shake. Your breakfast cost drops to a mere $2.33 per serving and your health is elevated. Even when you load your shake with healthy fats, greens, and superfoods that way JJ shows you, the cost is still below $4. waiting in line at the java joint. 

Protein & Veggies, Hold The Cooking

You don't have time to whip up clean lean protein with fiber-filled veggies and healthy fats every morning, but you get exactly that when you choose All-In-One Protein Powder prepared the way JJ Virgin teaches you. Breakfast sets your metabolic tone for the day. Set it up for success by swapping a sugar filled muffin and latte with a nutrient dense, brain and body boosting protein shake. 

Avoids The 7 High F.I. Foods

JJ Virgin wrote the NY Times best selling book that called out the 7 High Food Intolerance Foods that can be the hidden cause of weight gain, inflammation, joint pain, skin conditions, unstable energy and poor sleep. The All-In-One protein powders avoid all seven, which means no corn, soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts, and artificial sugars and a healthier, happier you.

Concentrate The Power Of Bone Broth

When you select the Paleo-Inspired All-In-One version of JJ's protein powder, you enjoy over 97% pure protein from beef that has been hydrolized to yield peptides that are easier to assimilate. You get complete protein and branch chain amino acid profiles with a significant amount of collagen-specific amino acids which support skin and connective tissues. 

What People Are Saying About JJ Virgin's All-In-One-Shakes...

"We love both the chocolate and vanilla all-in-one shakes. We have them for breakfast at least 5 times a week. They are smooth and creamy with just the right natural sweetness. And not chalky like some other protein powders."


"I lost over 83 pounds by consuming 1 to 2 shakes per day. They are delicious. I put in greens, coconut milk, and other wonderful ingredients. It keeps me full for 4-6 hours! It is amazing!!! The shakes made all of the difference for me! My whole family loves them including my kids. I love that the shakes ingredients are full of food, not chemicals. It is evident in the taste of the powder alone!"



YES! You Can Mix And Match Flavors And Protein Types

When you make your selection above to buy one, save 10% on three or enjoy the deepest 15% discount on six, you will be taken to a page to select your protein type (plant-based or paleo-inspired) and your flavor. Mix and match protein types and flavors when you select the discounted multi-packs.

About JJ Virgin, the creator of All-In-One Shakes

JJ Virgin: Celebrity Nutrition And Fitness Expert & Four-Time NY Times Best Selling Author

JJ Virgin has helped millions of people reach their health goals by showing them how to discover their food intolerances and crush their sugar and carb cravings. The lack of protein powders meeting JJ's high standards or being Gmo-free, free from the 7 high intolerance foods (soy, corn, dairy, egg, peanuts, gluten and artificial sweetenters), low in sugar, and high in protein forced her to formulate her own. Top that with her quality demands, and you can understand why she'd settle for nothing less than having her protein powders made in a family-owned facility willing to do third party testing on ingredients to assure quality. You can learn more about JJ Virgin over at

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